Art Direction, UX Design

Gifyo is an animated GIF based social network running both web and iOS applications. I was brought on as Creative + Design Lead to completely re-launch the brand, website, and iOS experiences. My other role was to lead UX strategy and functionality. Gifyo was originally launched in 2010, and was long overdue for an update across both web and mobile platforms. Two million users worldwide in over 35 counties were snapping GIFs and sharing them with their followers. They were desperate for a fresh UI and new features to improve a social experience that was extremely under the radar.

Gifyo’s out of the box social functionality was typical. Users could like and comment on GIFs, follow and message users, and see what was popular on the “Trending” page. The community had been enthusiastic about ideas that could enhance how they share their content amongst each other. The results were the implementaiton of the following features and functionality:

–  Completely new messaging system with custom emojis and sticker packs
–  GIF snap and GIF upload comments
–  Instant messaging
–  GIF channels – animals, art, humor, pets, food, etc.
–  Trending #hashtags and users in addition to GIFs
–  Favorites
–  “Shoutouts” – re-posting a GIF to your stream from someone you follow
–  Upload a GIF from anywhere on the web or from the user’s device

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